Incident Reports


Incident reports are generated and emailed upon completion of a broadcast message. They include a range of useful information that gets automatically recorded through interactions with the BART system before, during and after a response.

Broadcast Details

  • Time and date
  • Group name
  • Reference number
  • Broadcast message


  • Incident location


  • List of members who attended, declined, other
  • The time of their response
  • Their ETA to LHQ


Appliance Details

  • Appliance name
  • Type
  • Agency
  • SelCal
  • Mobile number
  • Unit

Turnout Information

  • Members assigned to the appliance
  • Position of members
  • Time and location of key turnout statuses (assigned, en-route, arrived, returning, returned)


  • Comments made on the incident (including time and date, and which member made the comment)


  • Attachments placed on the incident (including time and date, and which member made the comment)

Emailing Reports

Incident reports are only sent out to those who have the correct permissions, which are assigned by a group administrator. If you have reports enabled, you must have a current and valid email address recorded in your membership details.

Reports are only generated upon completion of a broadcast message, which has one or more members attending. If no one in the group has responded with 'attending', an incident report will not be generated when the incident has been closed off.