Critical Alerts aren't working on my Apple iOS device


You have already followed the instructions on how to setup Critical Alerts for your Apple iOS device, however they're still not working correctly.


  1. Turn your device off and on again
    1. Turn your device off by holding down the power button until you see 'Slide to Power Off' on your screen
    2. Once you have turned your device off, wait for a minute or two before turning it back on
    3. Test your critical alerts - if they're still not working, please follow step 2
  2. Reinstall the BART Team app 
    1. Navigate to your home screen
    2. Hold down the BART app icon until it starts moving around and you can see a cross in the top right hand corner of the app icon
    3. Delete the BART app
    4. Turn off your device, wait for a minute and turn it back on again
    5. Navigate to the App store to download and reinstall the BART app

If you have completed the steps above and are still experiencing issues with iOS Critical Alerts, please contact the BART Team