Vehicles & Appliances

Appliance App Overview

If you have one or more appliances that you use for responding, you can setup a dedicated appliance account within BART.

By logging into the BART Team App with your appliance account details, you will see a slightly different interface than that of your standard personal app. The interface displays the same broadcasts that you receive on your personal account, however there are a different set of status buttons:

Acknowledge: The incident has been acknowledged

En-Route: The appliance is en-route to the incident (tracking of the appliance is activated)

Arrived: The appliance has arrived at the incident

Departed: The appliance has departed the incident

Back: The appliance is back at headquarters

The appliance version not only helps those managing the incident from afar, but also assists with automated incident reporting details. Appliance statuses are recorded and time-stamped, and the details of the members inside the appliance are also recorded.

How to Register an Appliance

Registering an appliance in BART is the same as registering a person, however instead of selecting 'Person' as the membership type you will select 'Appliance'.

  1. Log into the BART Members area and select ‘Administration’ from the main menu

  2. Select ‘Members’ from the sub-menu provided

  3. Create a new appliance account by selecting the ‘NEW’ option

  4. A popup dialogue box will appear, with some fields that you will need to fill out:

    1. First name
    2. Surname
    3. User name
    4. Email
    5. Mobile
    6. Password*
    7. Type (Make sure you select 'Appliance')
    8. Level (ie. Regular member or additional Administrator)

* Hint: For security purposes, we have a number of minimum requirements for new passwords:

  • It must contain at least 6 characters
  • It must contain at least 1 capital letter
  • It must contain at least 1 lowercase letter
  • It must contain at least 1 numeral

Tracking and Updates

Appliances registered within the BART system are automatically tracked after the initial acknowledgement of the response. The real-time location of appliances can be seen by neighbouring groups, as well as authorised users on a group, regional or district level.

Appliance Statuses

The current status of each visible appliance can be seen instantly within the map, with the icon changing colour depending on their status.