The BART system records the skills and qualifications of each end-user, to help match jobs and tasks with the most appropriate team members.

Qualifications are displayed within the interface with a small icon:

Qualifications for your Organisation 

Qualifications are assigned to your Organisation during the initial BART setup, based on your requirements. Additional qualifications can also be requested anytime by contacting our support desk.

Qualification Expiry Alerts

When a qualification is assigned to you, a start and end date may be set to record the active duration of that qualification.

Expiration Warnings

You will receive a warning 3 months prior to the expiry of a qualification. Warnings will display within the BART Team app as a yellow badge on the main menu hamburger icon:

How do I acknowledge an Expiry Warning?

Once you acknowledge the expiry warning, you will no longer see the yellow warning badge.

  1. Open the BART Team App on your device.
    You’ll notice a yellow warning badge sitting on the main menu hamburger icon:


  2. Tap on the hamburger icon to open the main menu

  3. The yellow warning badge will also display on the ‘Settings’ menu item


  4. Tap on ‘Settings

  5. Then tap on ‘Qualifications


  6. You’ll see a list of your assigned Qualifications:

    Any Qualification that is due to expire within the next 3 months will display with an orange background:


  7. Tap on the ‘OK’ button next to the expiring Qualification

  8. Once you acknowledge the expiry warning, the yellow badge will no longer display


Expired Qualifications

If one or more of your Qualifications has expired, it will display with a light red background:


Set the 'Top 3' Critical Qualifications for your Group

Assign Qualifications to your Members