Crew Builder

Please Note: To use this feature, you must have at least one appliance registered within the BART system. 


The Crew Builder feature in BART provides a way to assign attending members of the group to an appliance or vehicle. Members attending an incident can be assigned as soon as they select 'attend', which may be prior to their arrival at local headquarters (LHQ). 

Watch: Understanding the Crew Builder


Once a member has been assigned to an appliance, they can be assigned as the:

  • Crew Leader
  • Driver


When an incident has been completed, an incident report is automatically generated and emailed through to authorised users. When used correctly, an operational appliance offers a range of additional information that is automatically recorded:

  • Members who were assigned to that appliance
  • Members who were assigned as 'Crew Leader' or 'Driver'
  • Key response times (leaving LHQ, arrival at the incident etc.)

Using the Crew Builder

BART Team App

1. Navigate to either the ‘List View‘ or ‘Quick View‘ screens

2. Choose the broadcast item that you would like to build a crew for, and tap on the purple ‘Members’ button OR tap on the broadcast message directly

3. A list of your members will display, along with a list of your available appliances

4. Tap on the options button in the right hand corner of the screen

5. A popup will appear displaying a list of options. Tap on ‘Activate Crew Builder‘

6. You will notice that tick boxes appear next to each of your members. Tap on the members that you would like to assign to an appliance and ensure that they are ticked

7. Then tap on the appliance that you would like to assign your members to, and you will notice that your members are now sitting below your chosen appliance.

8. To remove members from an appliance, tap on the tick next to their name and they will be removed


1. Select the broadcast message that you would like to build a crew for (you should see your message list on the left-hand side of the screen)

2. Select the 'Crew Builder' tab from the attendance panel (on the right-hand side of the screen)

3. Use the tick boxes next to your member list to select one or more people to assign to the appliance

4. Click on the appliance that you would like to assign your members to

5. You should see the names of your selected members move to sit under your chosen appliance

6. If you want to assign a 'Crew Leader' or 'Driver', click on a members name and a popup will appear

7. Choose from the list, and you should instantly see a red flag assigned to the member