Auto Check-in

What is it?

If enabled, BART’s check-in feature will automatically check you into your station, unit or headquarters upon arrival. It works via geo-location detection, so that you will be notified when you enter within a set radius around your headquarters.

As this is only the first iteration of the new check-in feature, you can expect future additions and improvements to ensure it’s useful for you and your team. We welcome your feedback and requests as the feature matures.

Watch: Introduction to Auto Check-in

How do I enable it?

The check-in feature needs to be enabled by a group administrator, as it’s set on a ‘per-group’ basis.

Enable check-in for the Group

1. Log into the BART Members area

2. Navigate to the ‘Administration' item in the main menu, and select 'Groups'. You’ll see a list of one or more groups that you administer.

3. Select the group that you would like to enable ‘check-in’ for

4. dialogue popup box will appear

5. Scroll down until you see the ‘Auto Check-in’ toggle option

6. Ensure it is set to ‘On’

Opt-in for Individuals

Once check-in has been enabled for a group, individual members can choose whether they want to enable the feature or not.

1. Log into the BART Team App and navigate to ‘Settings’

2. Scroll down the different settings options until you see the ‘Auto Check-in’ toggle option

3. Tap on the toggle to enable

4. Use the slider provided to set the detection radius

How does it Work?

Once check-in has been enabled for a group and an individual has opted in, the system will then detect their arrival to headquarters.

Location Detection

The location where a member’s arrival is registered, is dependent on the detection radius set by the individual member – ranging between 10 and 200 meters. The detection radius can be adjusted on the fly as needed.

Please Note: For Auto-Check in to function correctly, the Location Services on your device need to be set to ‘Always’. By default the setting is ‘In app only’, but you should be prompted when enabling Auto-Check in for the first time.

Set the Detection Radius

The Auto Check-in radius is set within the BART Team App.

1. Tap on the hamburger icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen to bring up the main side menu

2. Tap on ‘Settings

3. Scroll down until you see the ‘Auto Check-in’ Radius slider

4. Hold your finger on the slider and increase or decrease the radius as required

5. Your new settings will take effect immediately

What Happens When I ‘Check-in’?

When a member enters into the headquarters detection zone, they will be automatically marked as ‘Attending’ on the most current incident or event broadcast.

You’ll also notice that in the ‘Attendance List’ within the BART Team App, that everyone who has indicated they’re ‘Attending’ or ‘Other’ will have a dark grey dot next to their name:

Once a member has checked-in, the dot next to their name will turn green to indicate that they’re at headquarters:

If Auto Check-in has detected a current Event, it will use the Event start time as opposed to the time the broadcast was sent.

Group Administrators and those with ‘Edit Broadcast’ permissions have the ability to manually tap on the grey dot next to a member’s name to indicate they are at headquarters.