How do I ensure notifications are working on my Samsung Device?


Open Samsung Settings> Apps> BART> Notifications


Make sure Notifications are allowed. Also check that Notifications are allowed under Permissions. You may want to allow Location and Camera if you want to use those features in the BART app.


Next tap on Notifications. You should have similar settings to this screenshot.


Next tap ‘Notifications Categories’.


Make sure all Notification tones are turned ON.

Your notifcations will vary to this screenshot.


Next check ‘Do Not Disturb’. Open Samsung Settings> Apps> Notifications

and make sure ‘Do not disturb’ is set to OFF along with ‘Sleeping’

Next check Data Saver. Open Samsung Settings> Connections

Tap ‘Data usage’.


Make sure ‘Data Saver’ is OFF.

Make sure ‘Mobile data’ is turned ON.


Next check Sleeping Apps. Open Samsung Settings> Battery

Make sure Power Saving is OFF

Tap on Background Usage Limits and make sure Power Saving is set to OFF.


Next Add BART to ‘Never auto sleeping apps’.


Next is to Allow background data usage.

Open Samsung Settings> Apps> BART and tap on

Mobile data.


Make sure ‘Allow background data usage’ is

set to ON.


Make sure ‘Allow data usage while Data saver is on’

is turned ON.


Next step is to make sure Broadcast Messages are

turned ON in the BART app.

Tap on the hamburger menu and tap Settings.

Scroll down and until you can see Broadcast Message.

Make sure Alert Notifications and General Notifications

are set to ON.

Also make sure Discussion Notifications is set to ON.


Next step is to clear the BART app cache.

Open Samsung Settings> Apps> BART and tap on



Then ‘Clear Cache’


Last step is to Clear Notifications by swiping down

from the top of the screen and tapping ‘Clear’