Setup a member with SMS

If you have a member in your group that doesn’t have a smartphone, you might want to set them up to send and receive BART notifications via SMS. Depending on their settings, members have the ability to send and receive notifications and alerts via SMS. They will also have the ability to respond to a call out with their status and estimated time of arrival.

Please Note: You must be an administrator of the group or district to set them up with SMS

Check List

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, there’s a few requirements you’ll need to check off first:

  • The member must have a current BART subscription
  • The member, group or district must have pre-purchased SMS credits (you can purchase SMS credits here)
  • The member must have their current mobile phone number within the system


  1. Make sure you have pre-purchased SMS credits (if you haven’t already done so, you can purchase them here)

  2. Log into the BART Members WebApp

  3. Navigate to the ‘Administration’ item in the main menu

  4. Select ‘Members’ from the sub-menu

  5. Select the member that you want to enable SMS for and click on their row

  6. A popup dialogue box will appear with the ‘Profile’ tab open by default

  7. Firstly, ensure that your member has a current and valid mobile phone number set – if not, please enter one into the field provided and click ‘SAVE

  8. In the ‘Profile’ tab, scroll down until you see ‘SMS Credits’ – here you can see the number of credits available

  9. You will also see ‘SMS Reminder’ – here you can set when your member will receive reminders to purchase more credits, based on how many are left

  10. Next click on the ‘Permissions’ tab up the top of the modal dialogue box

  11. Under permissions, look for ‘SMS Send Instructions’ – use the toggle to enable this option

  12. Next click on the ‘Broadcast Tags’ tab up the top of the modal dialogue box

  13. For each of the broadcast tags that you would like your member to view or send to, use the dropdown box provided to select ‘ALL

  14. Once you’re happy with your settings, click on the ‘SAVE’ button